Wyzwania FLL


fll_2015_trash-treck2015/2016 TRASH TREK We’re not talking trash – we’re cleaning it up!

world class2014/2015 WORLD CLASS Learning unleashed

fll_2013_natures_fury2013/2014 NATURE’S FURY Exploring natural disasters

fll_2012_senior_solutions2012/2013 SENIOR SOLUTIONS Quality of life for seniors

fll_2011_food_factor2011/2012 FOOD FACTOR Keeping food safe

fll_2010_body_forward2010/2011 BODY FORWARD Explore cutting edge world of biomedical engineering

fll_2009_smart_move2009/2010 SMART MOVE Transforming transportation

fll_2008_climate_connections2008/2009 CLIMATE CONNECTIONS Study and research of the climate

fll_2007_power_puzzle2007/2008 POWER PUZZLE Energy management and conservation

fll_2006_nano_quest2006/2007 NANO QUEST Science at the molecural level

fll_2005_ocean_odyssey2005/2006 OCEAN ODYSSEY Health, diversity and productivity of the world’s oceans

fll_2004_no_limits2004/2005 NO LIMITS Address the needs of indywiduals with disabilities

fll_2003_mission_mars2003/2004 MISSION MARS Visit and explore the Red Planet

fll_2002_city_sights2002/2003 CITY SIGHTS Challenges of urban planning

fll_2001_arctic_impact2001/2002 ARCTIC IMPACT Impact of global climate change

pobrane2000/2001 VOLCANIC PANIC Predict the timing and nature of volcano eruptions